The Chronicles of Narnia



I bought this book in a secondhand bookstore I think around a year ago.
It has taken me months and months to get through it, as I would often stop and read another book. But, yesterday I finished it and here is some information about it and what I thought of it.

The Chronicles of Narnia is actually a bundle of seven Narnian stories, some titles might sound really familiar if you, like me, saw the movies before you read the books. The seven stories are: The Magician’s Nephew, The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, The horse and his boy, Prince Caspian, The voyage of the Dawn Treader, The silver chair and The last battle.

Time doesn’t work the same in Narnia as it does in our world. A second in our world can be a month or even years of life in Narnia. The stories have different main characters throughout, but the characters that keep returning are the Pevensie children: Peter, Susan, Edward and Lucy. They, and the other kids that enter the world of Narnia experience all kinds of adventures from fighting a war to sailing the seas to find the end of the world. Each story is very different from the next, but in the end they all come together.

The author, C.S. Lewis, has done a great job of describing the characters and the world of Narnia. I liked how almost every story seemed to discover a new part of the Narnian world, which in the end gave you a good understanding of what it looks like. What I liked about the writing style is that the books could be read as stand alones and you would still be able to follow the storyline, as the most important information was repeated in every story. I enjoyed the “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe” story the most as it extensively introduced the characters that would keep coming back throughout the stories. There were some annoying repetitions in the books, but that might have been mostly because I read them all one after the other. Overall I liked the created world and characters and rate this book 4/5, as I found some of the stories a bit slow-paced.